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Educational Apps: 3 reasons to let your kids play teacher-approved apps

Did you know that kids spend around 7 hours a day in front of a screen? Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to ban your kids from using technology, even though it bothers us that they spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world.

What can we do about it? One step in the right direction is to manage what our kids are watching and doing. I’ve found teacher-approved games on Google Play a great way to bridge the gap between “fun” and “ education”.

These apps are specifically designed for educational use. They have been reviewed and recommended by teachers, making them a great option for parents who want to provide their children with engaging and educational content.

This blog post will explore three reasons why you should let your kids play teacher-approved apps on Google Play at home.

Let’s see why you should let your kids play teacher-approved games.

What are teacher-approved apps on Google?

Teacher-approved apps have been viewed, tested, and blessed by teachers all around the world. The specific criteria are not 100% known, but these apps and games need to be:

  • Designed for kids - In terms of content, language, design, etc.

  • Educational - An educational aspect is a must in every kids' app

  • Unique - There has to be something that sets them apart from the rest

What do teacher-approved apps on Google encourage?

1. Learning and Development

Let your kids play teacher-approved apps on Google Play at home because these apps can help encourage learning and development. Many of these apps are designed to be educational and informative, providing children with access to a wealth of information and resources that can help them learn and grow.

This can help children develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying, leading to better grades and overall learning outcomes.

Here are 3 of my favourite examples of games that focus on learning:

1. Planets

2. Animals

3. Countries

2. Problem-solving skills

Educational games help develop problem-solving skills which are useful for the children’s school life. A simple math game is an amazing example if the player needs to figure out the result by themselves.

Another way is by providing multiple ways to solve a problem. By giving them the option of different methods to solve a same problem and encouraging them to figure out which method works best for them.

3. Creativity and Self-Expression

Finally, teacher-approved apps on Google Play can also help encourage creativity and self-expression. Many of these apps offer a range of creative tools and features, such as drawing and painting tools, music and sound effects, and even animation capabilities.

This can help children tap into their creative side and explore new ways of expressing themselves, leading to greater self-esteem and confidence.

My favourite kids games that boost creativity and self-expression are:

1. Build your pizza

2. Drawing game

3. Musical instruments

Kids & Toddlers Learn is teacher approved

In conclusion, letting your kids play teacher-approved apps on Google Play at home can provide many benefits, including encouraging learning and development, providing engaging and interactive content, and encouraging creativity and self-expression.

These apps can be a great way to provide your child with educational and beneficial content while keeping them entertained and engaged.

Our app Kids and Toddlers Learn is officially teacher-approved! Our main goal is to make our apps both fun and educational for children to have the best online experience.

Start learning, growing, and having fun today with our educational apps. Download Kids and Toddlers Learn today.

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